This website contains the family trees of our (Laurence and Jane) eight grandparents. They are (with date and county of birth in brackets): Cyril Chase (1884 Westmorland), Joy Stevens (1892 Surrey), Alfred Pitchforth (1874 Northumberland), Daisy Fisher (1886 Essex), William Gray (1863 Orkney), Williamina Duff (1868 Renfrewshire), Reginald Balmer (1871 Westmorland), and Jane Hughes (1872 Denbighshire). 

The research continues. I have checked sources wherever possible, but some of the connections are inevitably speculative. The main objective in publishing the trees on this web-site is to share information and improve its accuracy, so if anyone does have anything to contribute I should be grateful if they would contact me through my e-mail address.

Much effort has gone into the construction of the trees, so would those wishing to use information from this site please acknowledge its source. However, users are strongly advised to make their own checks!


First published: Jan 2007

This edition: Jan 2024

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